Cold Appetizers

Price per person
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters Market Price
Cheese Tray with Gourmet Crackers $3.95
Smoked Salmon $4.95
Vegetable, Tortellini and Fresh Mozzarella Antipasto Platter $4.95
Fruit Tray (Seasonal) $3.95
Ham, Scallion and Cream Cheese Rolls $3.60
Tortilla Pin Wheels* (Turkey, Ham or Beef) $3.60
Fresh Garden Vegetables with Dill Dip $3.50
Fresh Tomato Bruschetta served with Party Style Toast $3.25
Spinach Dip served with Tri-Color Nacho Chips $3.25

Miscellaneous Munchies

Price per person
Tortilla Chips & Salsa $1.50
Mixed Nuts $1.00
Housemade Potato Chips $.50
Pretzels $.50
Chip Dip $.50
Trail Mix $.50
Cheese Dip $.50

Hot Appetizers

Price per person
Coconut Shrimp served with Sweet & Sour Sauce $5.25
Beef Tenderloin Kabobs* $5.25
Jamaican Chicken Kabobs $4.95
Spinach and Cheese Phyllo $4.60
Finger Pizza $4.60
Stuffed Mushrooms $4.40
Chicken Fingers $3.95
Potato Skins $3.95
Wing Dings or Spicy Buffalo Wings $3.60
Egg Rolls (Chicken or Vegetarian) $3.50
Cocktail Meatballs $3.50

All prices are subject to 6% sales tax and 18% service charge.

Special items are also available.